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This is the prologue of one of my novels; Serryn. If you don't like it, I'm sorry. ;)


Serryn. The same word repeated over and over in my dreams. I wasn't sure if it was a name, a place, a colour even. But it wouldn't leave me alone.

That night I had the same dream as always. I was in a massive ballroom, with polished white marble floors, three-meter long windows of stained glass, and crystalline chandeliers the size of cars which hung from the towering ceiling. The sheer mass of this place made it look like it belonged to a giant - and a classy one at that.

I looked down at myself and gasped. Somehow my typically pallid skin now bore the colour of a dark teal-green. It covered my entire body - I could tell because of the shining, reflective floor.

I looked up and saw that at the other end of the room there was a man stomping about. I was right about the ballroom - it belonged to a giant. The man ahead of me was too tall to be human at a height of about 20 feet, covered in blood-red scars, and holding a whip. His bald head shone beneath the glimmering crystals above him. He hadn't seen me, and I breathed a silent sigh of relief.

"Serryn, Serryn, Serryn..." He sounded deranged and I ducked behind a pillar, my heart pounding wildly. Who was this guy? And who was Serryn? - what was a Serryn?

The giant stomped around, flicking his whip as he went, his eyes darting around the room, as though he was about to be attacked. He looked ready. I saw murder in his eyes, and a sharp, silver glint on the end of the whip made me think that maybe it wasn't just what it looked like. I felt immense pity for the person he was going to fight. The giant's heavy footsteps suddenly receded, and I peered around the pillar cautiously, readying myself to sprint.

He was right there, staring at me, red eyes flashing like a snake. He roared and swiped his huge hand at me, whip flicking in my directionㅡnarrowly missing - but I jumped back quickly with a scream. He hissed at me, continuing to swat like I was an irksome fly.

"There can be none left! NONE!" he bellowed, and grabbed my shoulder between a massive fore-finger and thumb, about to crush my head between his huge palms sized like dinner plates.

My thoughts were racing, I was about to be killed, I had to get out of his grip but he was too strong, too powerful - I was so young, too young to die, there was nothing I could do -

There was no stream of blood, no pain, but instead a loud roaring right into my ear.

A metal arrow sprouted from the giant's right shoulder, and he dropped me, running in the direction of the arrow. My upper body throbbed as I stumbled to regain my balance. There was another roar, but smaller, and more feminine. A girlㅡa mere teenagerㅡjumped out from behind a column, holding a bow and arrow. Her eyes locked onto mine, irises seeming to swirl and spin, putting me in a dizzy trance. I gulped, blinking rapidly. "Get out if you value your life," she said, and I sensed her confidence, but also a portion of it was panic. She took a running leap and sprung at the giant. He cried out and flicked his whip, but she had already fired an arrow into his skull and dropped onto his shoulders.

How could anyone possibly jump that high? And how could anyone fire an arrow that fast?

"I said get out!" she screamed at me. "What are you waiting for, a death invitation? He will find you and he will kill you!"

The giant groaned and dropped to his knees, the arrow digging into his brain. He looked right at me and reached out a hand. "She speaks only the truth..." he laughed maniacally. "I will come back, and I will find you, boy." With a boom that echoed around the room, the giant collapsed onto the ground, the girl falling with him, jumping off his shoulder right before his massive body slammed onto the ground at my feet. She took another look at me and her eyes turned dark. I gulped again. This girl didn't seem like an enemy I wanted to have. She looked and fought like a warrior, and the arrogance she seemed to possess...the way she stood, one hand on her bow, the other on her hip made me think she came from a rich, maybe even royal family.

She held up her bow, an arrow drawn in half a second. I didn’t have time to blink before it was pointed right at my face. "Don't worry," she said, biting her lip slightly. "This is how it should be. This is how it will be. Even if he doesn't find you." She gave her head a quick flick in the giant’s direction, giving me a brief laugh before the arrow was so close to my face I thought she would jam it up my nose. "But he will. You have made sure of that."

I woke up right before the arrow hit my chest.