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'The Addin'.

This is the prologue of one of my books, 'The Addin'. if you don't like it, I'm sorry ;))


Lumina's eyes snapped open as she clutched her stomach, stifling a groan. She grabbed her head, the room swaying and shaking as she collapsed onto the couch, images still racing through her mind.

A burnt and blackened city; thousands of unmarked graves; bodies everywhere...motionless, charred, lifeless.

It wasn't a dream - but it wasn't real! Just outside Lumina's window the sun shone, blue skies lit up the city, not a cloud was to be seen and the bustling streets were full of people shopping at the morning market.

The houses stood three stories tall - and more! - not to mention the jobs. Everyone had one, and it was easy to acquire one. 'Homeless' wasn't a word that existed in this city, nor was 'poverty' or 'hunger'.

Lumina's eyes didn't lie. She saw what was beyond her backyard. So where had this vision come from?

She had just been about to make herself some lunch when she'd gotten a splitting headache. Lumina had closed her eyes, but when she opened them it hadn't been her kitchen that she'd seen.

Lumina forced herself to open her eyes, almost gasping in relief when her modern lounge came into view. Her nausea had faded, but when she stood, her knees shook. She dragged herself into the kitchen anyway.

That night, Lumina clambered into her bed, lying on top of the covers instead of beneath them. Winter never came in this city, and the heat made nighttimes stifling hot. Although the darkness was burning, Lumina slept soundly.

Until the nightmares came.

The charred city was back, but there were two people were walking around. Two men, clad in black, faces hidden by low hoods. They stepped over the bodies, occasionally bending down and checking if the person was alive. No one was, so far.

Lumina stepped forward to peer under their hoods, but it was as if some invisible force held her back. She could see one of them bend down and grab the arm of a woman on the ground. He picked her up like a sack of wheat and Lumina choked as her burns leaked so fast it was like a dripping tap, and a thick yellow paste oozed from the wound, mingling with the red. If she was alive...god. What had done this?

The man threw the woman to the ground in anger. "Another dead!"

The other man consoled him. "What did you expect? Those fires destroyed everything - everyone."

"There is a survivor. I know there is. There has to be!" He hissed like a snake, seething.

The second man was silent, the only evidence he'd heard a single nod of his head.

"Boss is going to kill us if they're all dead!" spat the first one. "He needed her alive!"

"Then we shall keep searching."

The men resumed their checking of the bodies. "I don't understand why we are doing this," snapped the first man. "Boss said that when he wiped the people's memories, they all forgot what he had done to their old city, now he's telling us one measely little girl remembers?!"

The second man nodded. "He doesn't know how. But his informants say she will be here. Alive. Hiding."

"Why not in the new city?"

"Because if it's true that she's having dreams about the old city, there's no doubt she'll have come here."

The men both grinned maniacally. "And we have to wipe her out before she can tell her precious city what we did to the old."

Lumina reached out to clasp the man's shoulder as he turned and began to slowly walk away, but before she could touch him her vision faded and the next thing she saw was her white ceiling.